Halloween Slots Game Overview

Death has arrived in your small town, Sheriff, Dr. Loomis declares in the famed 1978 horror film. With Microgaming’s Halloween-themed online slot machine, great winnings have arrived in your town!


In our Halloween slot review, we will examine this game and its three bonus rounds in depth. We will also compare it to other branded movie and television slots of 2023. Learn more about characteristics such as:


The aesthetics, theme, and sound effects of the game

How the game’s sliding reels and bonus rounds operate Whether or not you can expect to earn a lot of money playing this slot machine


The arrangement of rows differs with every spin.


Casino Jumbo Blocks


Huge symbols spanning numerous reels


Chips 50 Ways to Win


Constant paylines are present throughout.


Numerous supplementary characteristics


Free spins, the Boogeyman Bonus, and the Trick or Treat Wheel are offered.


Pros Many paylines

Wide variety of wagers available

Ambient sounds and pictures

Innovative reel shifting mechanism

Often to encounter chilly streaks

Might be difficult to see wins on reels that fluctuate.

No predetermined large jackpot to pursue.

Review of Halloween Slot’s Principal Functions


How to Play the Halloween Slot Machine

The Halloween slot machine’s interface is straightforward and minimalistic. The first step is to modify the coin size and wagering amount. Once you’ve completed this, press Spin to begin the process.


With 50 active paylines, there are lots of opportunities to win, especially with bonus rounds. The game might feel fairly volatile, therefore long losing streaks are not uncommon. We’ll discuss extra rounds in greater detail later. At this time, it is sufficient to know that there are three cards in play.


Halloween’s regulations are comparable to those of the majority of 5-reel video slots. There is only one significant exception. In place of the standard 5×3 slot machine configuration, three of the reels in Halloween get an additional row with each spin via a concealed sliding door. The outcome is a slot game that feels familiar to players but contains additional hidden features.


The theme makes excellent use of sound and images. Try not to panic when you occasionally hear Michael Myers himself coming out of the darkness… While you spin the reels, atmospheric sound from the film plays, but the music used is not the most memorable track from the soundtrack. If you don’t find them frightening, the game’s symbols are creative and visually beautiful.


Jackpots and Bonuses on Halloween Slots

The first additional feature in Halloween is the Trick or Treat Wheel. This is activated when three Bonus symbols are spread. It provides cash awards doubled by the wager (up to 10x). This continues until a round of free spins or the Boogeyman Bonus is triggered.


The latter is referred to as a pick-em bonus round. Gamers choose leaves to reveal monetary rewards until Michael Myers appears. You can prevent his first appearance by selecting the knife icon. This serves as a “get out of jail free” card for the current round.


If the wheel depicts a character other than Michael Myers, nine free spins will be awarded. These spins will showcase the character that initiated the round. Our experts noticed few unfavorable concerns regarding bonuses. First, this bonus contains no multipliers. Also, nine free spins seems stingy, as most online casinos offer ten or more free spins.


The game is modest about its largest jackpot, not openly advertising it anywhere. Theoretically, it should be as high as 100,000 yen, as shown by the following calculation:


Enjoy your game at Max Bet

Five Laurie icons are valued at $2,000.

50 paylines are active.

2,000 times 50 equals 100,000

Mobile Halloween Choices

If you are familiar with Microgaming, you know that their slot games are mobile-friendly. There is, in fact, a Halloween-themed mobile slot accessible on smartphones and tablets that operates flawlessly on Apple and Android devices. On smaller displays, the pick-em feature and the sliding reels may take some getting accustomed to.


On laptops and desktops, the user interface of the Halloween slot game is basic. This is also another advantage of the mobile Halloween game, as the game adapts well to a smaller screen without being cumbersome. If you enjoy this game, you should strongly consider bringing it with you on the go. You will receive the identical perks and game features.



Microgaming’s Halloween slot is an excellent game in terms of visuals, sound, and concept. Even the reel background is dramatic, evoking the film’s opening scene. Despite having 50 paylines, it appears difficult to win large sums of real money (which may be due to the way the reels shift). Depending on the result of the spin, this game mechanic might be beneficial or detrimental.


As branded slots go, this is a tremendously entertaining game. If you have Laurie on your side and line up a screen full of Laurie symbols, you’ll be rewarded handsomely! The Halloween slot game is a tremendously entertaining and exciting addition to Microgaming’s library.






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